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Safety is Paramount

At East Coast Drilling & Blasting, safety is our primary concern. It is our deeply held belief that neither quality work, nor optimal production can be achieved in an unsafe work environment. As such, we go to great lengths to implement and adhere to the policies and procedures required to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers, our partners, and the public. And year after year, our safety record validates these efforts by consistently ranking near the top in the industry.​

Continuous Employee Training

Each employee must complete all federal, state, and local training required for their specific roles, prior to arriving at the work site. The company also administers an ongoing program designed to ensure competency in all key safety standards as mandated by the ATF, OSHA, NIOSH, and other regulatory bodies.

Employee Screening & Monitoring

East Coast Drilling & Blasting hires only individuals who pass a rigorous background check and drug screening. Employees are also subject to random screenings to ensure adherence to the company’s zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy.

Seismic Monitoring

The company works directly with an independent 3rd party firm to execute all seismic monitoring operations, including pre- and post-blast surveys. Seismographs are deployed across the site to record the levels of blast-induced ground vibrations and air-blast in order to establish regulatory compliance explosive performance.

Homeowner Notification & Pre-Blast Surveys

East Coast Drilling & Blasting conducts pre-blast surveys on all structures located within 500 feet of the blast site, as confirmed by GPS calculations. The property inspections consist of documenting all pre-existing defects in sheetrock, plaster, concrete, brick, moldings, tile, windows, doors, and foundations. The findings are documented through visual imagery and a written description.

Owners of such structures also receive formal written notification of pending blast operations. We provide full blast details, plus key contact information and a "Frequently Asked Questions" pamphlet to explain what may be experienced during blast operations.
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